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3 Natural Ways to Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Man jogs on treadmill to improve his blood pressure naturally with exercise as recommended by the Heart House.

There are countless variables that can cause your blood pressure to spike. Stress, eating habits, genetics – the list goes on. If someone struggles with chronic high blood pressure, there are many medications that their cardiologist can consider prescribing to help lower it. However, besides medical intervention, there are some natural ways to reduce your blood pressure. Today, we will discuss three:

  1. Proper Diet

It is no surprise that what you put into your body has a huge impact on your health. There are certain things you should avoid or alternately include in your diet if you struggle with blood pressure.

A high sodium diet can raise your blood pressure as it causes blood vessels to hold water, putting more strain on your heart and making it harder to pump blood throughout your body. Adding high-potassium foods into your diet can work to mitigate the effects of sodium. You can find potassium in many fruits and vegetables. You should also watch your caffeine and alcohol consumption – too much of either can have adverse effects on your blood pressure. Also stay well-hydrated, which can reduce strain on the heart.

The best way to manage your diet is to be smart shopper – read the labels of what you buy. Try to stay away from unnecessary additives and incorporate lots of fresh produce.

  1. Exercise

Together with a healthy diet, regular exercise is a great way to naturally reduce your blood pressure. Exercise works to strengthen your muscles – including your heart! You should aim to have about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day to reduce chances of hypertension or manage it if already present. Good aerobic exercises that you can incorporate are walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, or any exercise that gets your heart pumping.

Think of exercise as a necessity. Your body needs water and food to function, exercise is the maintenance that gives your body an extra push to function at its best.

  1. Stress Management Techniques

Stress is an inevitable part of life that everyone experiences once in a while – or often. How you manage your stress is important when it comes to blood pressure. Health management is key – do not resort to unhealthy eating and drinking habits or smoking to deal with your stress. Instead, taking up mindful breathing techniques and meditation to lower your heart rate and calm your mind. Try not to focus in on what you can’t control in your life and identify what you can.

It is important to take time for yourself. Know your limits and give yourself the space do what makes you happy and recharge. Nothing good ever comes from overexerting yourself and draining all of your energy.

The Bottom Line

It can be frustrating when you feel that you do not have control over your own body. But you do…and you can incorporate healthy routines in your life to reduce your blood pressure. If you would like to talk to an experienced cardiologist about your blood pressure and what you can do to manage it, give us a call today. The Heart House is a cardiovascular care practice located in South Jersey that is equipped with patient-focused professionals that are dedicated to making sure you live the healthiest life possible.

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