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The Do’s and Don’ts of Supplements

Your body needs proper nutrient and vitamin levels in order to function at its best. This might raise the question of whether or not your bodily levels are efficient, leading you to look into supplements.  Supplements can be great additions to someone’s daily routine that has certain deficiencies, but, like most things, supplements can do more harm than good if taken in excess.


If you are worried your body is not getting enough of some type of vitamin or nutrient, your first action should be to go see a doctor about it. Tests can be performed that can see what your levels are, and then from there you can look into supplements.

There are some supplements that are known for being good for your heart. Omega-3, also commonly known as fish oil, is a fatty acid, most commonly found in fatty fish. Some studies show compelling evidence that omega-3 has great benefits for your heart health, even decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Another supplement that could be beneficial is coenzyme Q10. Recent studies claim that coenzyme Q10 can prevent and treat statin-associated myopathy syndrome (SAMS). There is also a relation between coenzyme Q10 and congestive heart failure, finding that those with heart failure commonly have low levels of this antioxidant. Although coenzyme Q10 is usually produced naturally within the body, people suffering from heart failure can benefit from taking this as a supplement.

We will reiterate the importance to see a doctor before taking supplements to avoid unnecessary intake that could possibly lead to harm. All of your supplements should be NSF certified, in other words: tested by a third party to make sure that they are safe.


We live in a time where information is freely shared and accessible on the internet. This is one of the beauties of living in a technological age, however, it also causes false information to be spread. You might see someone promote supplements on a social media platform that they claim is great for your health, but you should always do your own research. Supplements do not have to be FDA certified which leads to a lack of regulation.

Most of the time, you can consume the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients through a good diet. You should only opt toward supplements after consulting a doctor.

Believe it or not, some supplements can actually have negative effects on your heart if consumed at high levels. Vitamin D and calcium are two examples that you should be wary of when taking, as some studies show that they can actually increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

The Bottom Line

Be careful with supplements. You should always consult your doctor before incorporating new supplements into your daily routine. First, start with a well-balanced diet to try to get the vitamins and minerals that you need naturally. If your doctor finds certain deficiencies, supplements could be extremely beneficial.

If you are interested in learning more about your body and if supplements could be beneficial to your heart and overall well-being, book an appointment with one of our physicians.

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