We are proud to serve our community with the highest caliber of cardiovascular care.
Meet the four new esteemed doctors joining our team of New Jersey’s Leading Cardiovascular Specialists -
Dr. Robert Mohapatra, Dr. Bryan Saia, Dr. Vivek Sailam, and Dr. Jason Smith.

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Amanda Salvatore, APN-C

Amanda graduated from the Thomas Jefferson University nursing program in 2008. In 2020 she graduated with honors from the Rowan University Master’s in Nursing in the area of Family Practice program.

She is board certified through the American Nursing Credentialing Center.

Amanda joined the practice as a research nurse in 2017. After completing her advanced practice degree in 2020 she remained with the practice as an Advanced Practice Nurse.

Preventive Services

Our patient care team is focused specifically on cardiovascular best practices and lifesaving heart and vein care.