The Heart House is pleased to announce that we will be opening up offices in Hammonton and Woodbury in February/March 2024.

For patients interested in being seen in one of those offices, please call 856-546-3006 ext 2100 and leave a message with your information for a Heart House team member to call you back.


Read What Our Patients Have To Say!

Patient of Dr. George Mark at The Heart House Shares His Experience with CCM

Greetings, I came in yesterday for a stress test, and was just a bit stressed inasmuch as I have not had one for over 12 years. I cannot express enough just how much I appreciate everyone who ministered to me from the front desk to the young lady who served me Coke and crackers.

With the volume of people you serve, it would be so very easy to just “get them in and get them out,” but that was not the case. I felt as if I was the only one that mattered! So please extend my thanks and appreciation to your very excellent, professional and courteous staff.

Sincerely, R

Dear Linda & Michelle: I wanted to thank you both for your excellent care given to me yesterday, when I was in your office for my PET scan. From the moment I arrived you explained everything to me in perfect detail so there were no “surprises” at all and I knew exactly what to expect. Kudos to you Linda for finding a vein for the IV right away! Michelle, you were very reassuring and by the way…you make good coffee!!!

I appreciated that you took the time to call me and let me know the results were normal. What a huge relief that was.

Having a PET scan can be very intimidating and thanks to both of you it was a pleasant experience with absolutely no anxiety at all. Thank you again for all that you do. It was appreciated so very much,

Sincerely, E

Cindy: After going to Cooper Hospital, I was told that I have two main arteries completely and solidly closed. They could not fix them because I had a quadruple bypass three years ago. Doctor told me I also have a very weak heart pump. I had a follow-up appointment with my heart doctor Scott Fertels. He told me about a treatment he felt would be good for me called the EECP. He then walked me to your office and introduced me to you, Cindy! You smiled and said hello. I felt welcomed right away. Looking at a patient laying on the bed, she was hooked up to the EECP machine. Her waist, thighs and lower legs we’re all wrapped in a blue cuff.

I asked the patient does that hurt? She replied not at all. I feel better after each treatment. Cindy then explained the cuffs squeeze blood from bottom of your legs to your heart. It helps your heart to work better. It will also help to strengthen my heart pump. I was so overwhelmed and agreed to do the treatments. I couldn’t wait to get started! Soon after Cindy called me, asked me some basic questions and gave me my first appointment. My first day I was a little nervous but Cindy made me feel at ease, explaining every step.

Cindy you and I became friends. We laughed a lot, shared our personal stories. I will miss you dearly. I will come back next year for my EECP treatments as they help me breathe much better and I am able to do more chores without having to sit. Cindy you help me to relax doing my treatments. You are one of a kind woman. I am so happy to have you come into my life. You gave me hope and lifted my spirits every day since my cardiac cath results. Thank you for everything. You’re the best

Sincerely, S

Before I started EECP my health was on a downward spiral. I couldn’t walk without falling and being out of breath after 20 feet. My husband (my rock) had to do everything for me (us). He worked, cooked and cleaned up dinner, cleaned the house, did the wash and shopped for groceries on weekends. He also bathed and dressed me. I was unable to take care of myself. I didn’t drive for over a year, I had no life outside my home. I wasn’t even able to go outside and enjoy our yard because I couldn’t breathe.

Doctor Dilip Viswanath made the recommendation that I start EECP therapy. I hugged the wall down the hall to my first session …… I was able to walk back slow but without help. I felt better with each passing day. I had my life back. I have my freedom again and am able to drive again. I still have medical problems that are also being addressed but look at me now.

I have another person to credit for my astonishing turnabout, Cindy. She has such a way of lifting you up and making every day positive and happy. If you know Cindy you have to love her. What a gal, I feel like we have been friends forever. Tomorrow is my last session and I will truly miss Cindy. You have the right person doing the job because she loves what she does. I plan to be back in six months for therapy, and look forward to seeing your wonderful staff and Cindy soon. My sincere thanks to all of you at The HEART HOUSE and Cindy Lacy.

Sincerely, P

Dr. Fertels: I am writing this letter to let you know how I feel now. I’ve done 35 days in EECP. The machine is oh so good. The nurse, Cindy, is as good. I came into the office with shortness of breath, no stamina. I have a bad heart, weak legs and hands. I had pain throughout my body. Pain in my chest – a heart that sometimes fails me. Now, after 35 days on the machine, I breathe better, no pain in my chest; legs. It allows me to walk more. I feel so much better. I can do more.

Thank you, L

Dear Elaine and Jeannie, Thank you again for making my stress test on Jan 3 as stressless as possible. Your professionalism, knowledge and technical skills go without saying, but your comedic relief was the best. It really helped to put me at ease – I was in good hands!!

Wishing the two of you the best this year and thanks again, J

I am a patient of Dr. Dickstein’s and sadly will miss him but I am writing in regards to your wonderful staff. Recently I have been through a series of tests. The first, stress test had me very upset only because I hate tests. I want to commend Lani, Elaine, Raven and Christy during the tests and montoring that was completed in July. The staff was very gentle, very informative and all around wonderful at doing their job but calming me thru the procedures.

Again I was in office for another test, doppler, and Amber took care of me. Same with her. Informative, gentle, and keeping me calm.

This praise goes for all of your staff whom have helped me. Letting you know it doesn’t matter who you see or for what reason the staff keeps the friendly factor going. I also am part of the study team and work with Donna and Christy. Again, Thank you for all your choices in the staff that has been hired who  shows great comittment, your staff is superior in all aspects of their job. You all make me feel like a person not just a patient. Thank you

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